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Maitre simplifies hotel operations with an easy-to-use tool for management, supervision and communication.

From $2.5 / room per month
Seamless PMS integration
NO setup fees
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24 hr onboarding
Mobile devices included
Platform and Messaging translation feature into any language

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Maitre reduces costs by automating tasks, freeing up staff and improving the bottom line.

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Based on current Maitre clients, best practices being implemented and survey of management costs taken in the New York area. Savings may vary based on location and on hotel staffing levels.

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All-in-one operations management software specifically for hotels

Easy-to-use, customizable and reliable, Maitre allows hotels to manage, monitor and communicate across their property in real time. Maitre replaces other unsuitable, difficult to understand software products, radio, clipboard & pen with mobile devices to allow management full visibility and communication across their properties.

Housekeeping, Engineering, Maintenance, Concierge, Front Desk, Food & Beverage, Lost & Found, HR, Scheduling and more love Maitre due to how easy it is to use while management have found Maitre hugely valuable by increasing ROI through cost savings, operational efficiencies and data reporting.

How did your team find using Maitre - was it easy for them to understand and start using?
They absolutely love it and find it so simple. Honestly, I can't see us ever going back to the old pen and paper routine. It’s just so much simpler this way.
Would you recommend it to a friend?
Definitely, I’ve already told many people about it. It’s made such a big difference for us that I think everyone should give it a try.

Client Testimonial

Interview with Ines Guerra, Executive Accommodation Manager,
Carlton Hotels

Transform Your Operations For Maximum Efficiency

Up to

50 %

increase in management staff efficiency on site on average.

Management Efficiencies

Boost in efficiency for your management staff. Our clients see a 25-50% increase in productivity.

Enhanced Data reporting

Generate more detailed, accurate, and informative reports for management and ownership across their hotel portfolio.

Operational Efficiencies

Maitre allows for remote monitoring of room times and statuses, rather than in-person checks.

Real Time Monitoring

Manage multiple properties in real time from one platform to ensure your portfolio is running smoothly and identify any issues as they occur.

Digital Room Boards

Digital morning meeting notes to staff for daily reminders and focused team tasks. View room specs and add specific notes for rooms (VIP, specific guest requests for staff to see). Live tracking of room status as well as ability to adjust room boards and re-allocate in real time (Example: DND updates in real time).

Room Auto-Allocation

Allows hotels to customize the auto allocation algorithm meaning allocations are completed with one click.

Service Time Preference

Allows guests to request preferred times for their rooms to be serviced.

Room Cleaning
& Turn-Down Service

Maitre allows staff to keep management updated on room statuses in real time. Staff also have access to specific room information and are notified of room allocation changes in real time.

Performance Ratings

Evaluate your staff efficiency and service quality.

Time Tracking

Track the time your staff spend on cleaning.

Requests, Tasks, Projects & Checklists

Maitre is a comprehensive tool, designed to seamlessly coordinate Management, Front Desk, Concierge, Engineering, and Maintenance tasks in your hotel.

Create, track, and monitor guest requests, all while adhering to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). With customizable checklists and robust project management features, your focus can remain on delivering exceptional guest satisfaction.

Integration With PMS
and Scheduling Systems

We integrate with both PMS and scheduling systems to minimize the input required by management and maximize value.

*Maitre has the capability to integrate with any PMS or scheduling system. This can be done seamlessly during the on-boarding period.

Delivery Services

Allow your delivery services, like linen, laundry or flower delivery, to notify your staff when the delivery is completed or if it is being delayed.

Multiple Deliveries Support

Add as many delivery services as needed.

Robust Reporting Capabilities

Gain unprecedented data visibility at both property and portfolio level, providing you with a comprehensive view of your hotel operations.


Maitre empowers you to pinpoint areas of efficiency and potential cost reduction, turning insights into actionable steps. For management, we provide a comparative view across multiple properties, enabling you to monitor performance and strategize effectively.

Elevate your efficiency with our software now!

Maximize your hotel’s potential with our advanced management software. Purchase now and start streamlining your operations!

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